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Dupe Elimination (Merge/Purge)

Merge/Purge is the art and science of merging mailing lists and eliminating duplicate individuals and/or households. Unlike traditional computer code that needs duplicate records to contain exact formats and spellings, our software can identify duplicates that sound alike or contain misspellings.

In addition we can offer you the flexibility to set your own parameters on how we identify duplicates. When you send Greater Data & Mailing a dupe elimination project, you will receive our comprehensive merge/purge analysis reports.

Our custom designed reports are a tremendous tool in helping direct marketers understand the make-up of their mailing lists. The reports illustrate which lists have the best chance to produce a successful mailing promotion.

These reports pack a tremendous amount of information, yet are designed so anyone can understand the findings.

While the reports can reach over 100 pages, we designed the first few pages to clearly summarize the entire merge/purge process. This allows you to quickly see the strengths and weaknesses of all your mailing lists.

After the summary, you will find all the information for an in depth data analysis. You can compare any list to other specific lists to see how many duplicates they share between them.

Our merge/purge system is flexible. You decide if mailings should be one piece per household, or if two or more family members should get the same mailing.

If a client is unsure of the best criteria, we can produce a Suspect Dupe report which helps determine the best way to proceed.

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