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Data Entry

With our intelligent data entry capabilities, we can design a data capture system to meet your requirements. Intelligent means the data entry programs will check the keyed data for the right information.

Each data entry operator has a fully operational city-state and zip file with every U.S. city and zip code linked together. This means your data entry will not contain bad zip codes or wrong city-state information.

For critical information such as credit card, telephone or account numbers, we can offer you our 100% Key Verification. With this service we use the latest technology, each entry is keyed by two separate operators and the information is only accepted if all numbers and characters match exactly.

You choose the level of verification that best meets your needs. We can data enter names or add new files to your database. If the list you want to include is on a computer - MAC, PC, or main frame, we can easily convert the information and append it to your list.

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